Roses Bloom Better & Have Longer Shelf Life with Structured Water

A wise man once said, “The Earth laughs in flowers.” Flowers are the prettiest of nature’s creation. They add colour to the world. Flowers make everyone happy. And who does not like a Rose! One of the prettiest flowers there is, the beauty of the Rose flower is such that every heart skips a beat on seeing one! No wonder Rose is associated with love.

Flourishing Flowers

Roses are among the favourite flowers to grow. Most modern varieties of Rose plants available today bloom throughout the growing season. They have a lucrative market and find buyers easily. Like all plants, the quality of the bloom of the Roses depends on the basic triangle of Soil, Water and Light. While we do not have much control over the Sun that provides the light, we can definitely tweak Soil and Water to achieve better results. The key to flourishing flowers lies in the quality of the water used for irrigation and the soil used for planting.

Rose plants require more water during the initial stages. This phase is critical as it determines how the plant and the subsequent bloom will shape up. The nourishment provided during the initial phase is crucial. Rose plants require more water in the growing season. They need water of a good quality that charges them and keeps them well hydrated throughout the day. If the weather is particularly hot, dry and windy, the soil is fast draining. This necessitates additional water for better hydration. Also, the soil must be such that it retains moisture for a longer duration.

We put the Plan in Planting!

Structured water is the secret to healthy plant growth & bigger roses. Structured Water puts the plan into your planting. It has been scientifically demonstrated that the use of Structured Water improves soil quality. Structured Water increases oxygen concentration, betters the bioavailability of water & nutrients to plants. It also significantly reduces the dependence on fertilizers & pesticides.

Crystal Blue’s Water Structuring Devices are inspired by the natural scheme of things. They emulate the natural processes and enhance water at the molecular level. Harmful chemicals that are added to soften and disinfect water are neutralized in water structuring devices.

Structured water has a greater ability than unstructured water to hydrate and nourish plants as it has lower surface tension. It also penetrates easily into the soil and helps in water conservation. The soil permeability is improved, which allows the accumulated salt buildup to sink deeper into the soil, which aids in better absorption of nutrients to the plants. Structured Water has a balanced pH and aids in the better growth of plants.

With the use of Structured Water, the Rose blooms are healthier and stronger. Also, the blooms last longer and have a longer shelf life.

Help Your Roses Bloom Better with Structured Water

Rose bloom improvement is observed with the use of Structured Water. The characteristic of Structured Water reflects a purity that is observed in nature. Our Water Structuring Device creates a tuned environment where water is caused to flow in specific geometrical patterns. Crystal Blue’s Structured Water units eliminate negative energy patterns and redefine water’s natural healthy energy pattern.

Rose plants that are irrigated with Structured Water exhibit an increase in growth and flower yield. The blooms are bigger and last longer with the use of Structured Water.

Rose plants love and thrive with Crystal Blue’s Structured Water. Our Structured Water units are your best friends in farming.