Improve Soil Fertility

Improve Soil Fertility Naturally

Thousands of farmers across India have one common question – “How to improve soil fertility?” While there are several measures to increase soil fertility, there is only one natural and sustainable way of achieving highly fertile soil – through the use of Structured Water.

Crystal Blue’s structured water devices are natural agriculture water conditioners. They improve the soil structure by making it easy for the crops to grow and absorb minerals.

A Natural Way To Improve Soil Fertility

Most farmers across the country are making use of borewell water. Borewell water hinders the growth and the quality of the crops. As a farmer, you are well aware of the fact that growing plants in soils irrigated with hard water means stopping the crops from growing to their full potential due to the hard minerals that penetrate into the soil.

A natural way to improve soil fertility is natural agriculture water conditioners such as water structuring units. With a proven track record in the farming sector, Crystal Blue’s Structured Water devices are trusted by hundreds of farmers in India.

Benefits of Agriculture Water Conditioners To Improve Soil Fertility:

  • Enhances soil structure & pH level of water.
  • Increases seed germination.
  • Maintains soil moisture.
  • Hydrates soil microbes & soil carbon storage
  • Increases bio-availability of water & nutrients to plants.
  • Greater yields – improve by 30%.
  • Decreased tip burn problem in leaves.