Improve water quality in irrigation

Water Conditioner for Irrigation

Limescale and corrosion due to hard water deposits are the two most common problems in irrigation. When borewell water is the primary source of water for farming, it is important to focus on improving the irrigation water quality.

How to Improve Irrigation Water Quality?

One of the easiest ways of improving irrigation water quality is by using structured water devices for farming. Structured water is the most natural form of water besides rainwater. It changes the physical structure of water. When Borewell water flows through Crystal Blue water structuring units, it ends up as naturally smooth and conditioned water.

A Solution to Water Scaling in Pipes & Irrigation System

Hard water contains high levels of calcium carbonate and salt. If your irrigation system solely relies on hard water, then limescale/water scaling in pipes is sure to occur over time. The salts and calcium deposits settle in pipes, especially in small calves, nozzles and sprinklers. Our Structured water units are a sustainable water scaling solution, which solves major problems of farming.

Benefits of Irrigation Water Conditioners:

  • Reduce water consumption by 30%.
  • Decrease in the vegetation period.
  • Increase in crop quality.
  • Prevent hard water deposits/limescale.
  • Increase in growth of all types of crops by 30% – 40%.
  • Promote longer life of irrigation systems.