Crystal Blue water structuring devices can be operated without electric power and are maintenance-free. The devices are eco-friendly, safe to use and work without any chemicals, salts or magnets. It helps you save time, money, increase productivity and profitability in your commercial establishment.

Discover the benefits of using structured water units in your industry. Structured water reduces hard water deposits & prevents scaling. This translates to better functioning of machinery & reduced downtime. In commercial boilers and RO units, there is a significant cost benefit to using our structured water devices. In the textile industry, structured water has yielded many benefits, from reduced clogging of water, improved humidification, to lower consumption of detergent in washing machines. When used to cure concrete it has improved its impact strength.

Increase Efficiency At Reduced Operations Cost

By using structured water in your commercial establishment, you can greatly reduce the operations cost and maximise the overall efficiency of the commercial establishment. Unwanted and expensive repair bills are also avoided. It is a fix it – forget it solution that lasts a lifetime. Though a water structuring unit works 24/7, it does not consume any energy.

Go from ‘Problems’ to ‘Party’ in your ‘Pool’

Algae and bacteria infestation? Scaling due to calcium buildup? Murky water? Premature components failure? Chlorine concentration? These pool of problems can be a thing of the past when you start using structured water for your swimming pool. Structured water drastically reduces the need for the addition of chemicals to the pool water. It naturally neutralizes the toxins and creates an environment that is unfavourable to the growth of algae of bacteria. Structured water is water that is softened naturally. Hence, there is no buildup of scales on the walls of the pool or in the plumbing. Metal surfaces such as pipes, pool ladders, railings, pumps, filters etc stay like new and remain corrosion-free. The clean, clear goodness of structured water benefits the swimmers too. The odourless energized water refreshes and rejuvenates the body. The water is naturally pure, is good for the hair and glowing skin as well.

Scale down your Boiler problems

The formation of scale is a major problem in boilers that affects the efficiency and reliability of the plant. Scaling is also the most common cause of overheating and failure of boiler tubes. Crystal Blue Water Structuring devices convert ordinary water into structured water which reduces the scaling properties of the dissolved minerals and salts. It also reduces the surface tension of the water. They increase the life of the boiler and help reduce breakdowns and unscheduled downtimes. In commercial boilers and RO units, the cost-benefit of using Crystal Blue’s Water Structuring devices is significant.


structured water for textiles

structured water units soften hard water

Reduced scaling and hard water deposits

no maintenance water softener

no maintenance water purifier

Works 24/7 without additional cost

natural water filter system

natural water purifier system

Helps increase the efficiency of the entire system

tap water filter system

Structured water for commercial uses

Reduced operation cost

structured water products India

structured water for environment

Ecologically safe & environment friendly

structured water for commercial purpose

commercial structured water devices

Increases the life of machines & equipment



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