Case Study – Crystal Blue India Water Structuring Unit at a prominent Textile Weaving Mill in Erode

Water Management in Textile Industry

This case study shines a spotlight on how the installation of Crystal Blue India’s innovative water structuring unit transformed the operational efficiency of a prominent Textile Weaving Mill in Erode.

The Crucial Role of Humidity Control in Textile Mills

Humidity control in a textile weaving mill is of paramount importance. It refers to the regulation of moisture levels in the air within the mill environment. This control cannot be overstated, as it plays a pivotal role in controlling the overall weaving process and significantly contributes to productivity. Maintaining the right level of humidity ensures that the weaving machines operate smoothly, fabrics meet quality standards and the mill functions efficiently. Humidity control serves as the invisible force that keeps everything in balance, making it an essential aspect of the textile industry and the weaving process.

Challenges in the Textile Weaving Mill due to Hard Water

  1. Frequent Cooling Pad Replacements – The cooling pads required replacement every three months due to the harsh effects of hard water, resulting in significant maintenance expenses.
  2. Bi-weekly Water Changes – Water hardness issues necessitated water changes every two weeks, adding to the plant’s operational costs.
  3. Summer Water Hardness – During the scorching summer months, water hardness tended to increase, exacerbating scaling issues in the cooling pads.
  4. Scale Formation – The accumulation of hard scale on the cooling pads had been a persistent problem, affecting their performance and efficiency.
  5. The issue of chiller nozzle blockage was often faced due to the high mineral content in water.

Solution – Installation of CBI Custom Water Structuring Unit

Benefits After Installation

  1. Extended Cooling Pad Lifespan – The water structuring unit from Crystal Blue India effectively eliminated the need for frequent cooling pad replacements. The cooling pads had been in service for two years without replacement, significantly reducing maintenance costs.
  2. Reduced Water Change Frequency – With the structured water generated by the CBI unit, the need for bi-weekly water changes was eliminated, contributing to cost savings.
  3. Summer Hardness Management – Despite the seasonal increase in water hardness during summer, the cooling pads remained free from scaling issues, ensuring consistent performance.
  4. Scale Elimination – The structured water virtually eliminated scale formation on the cooling pads, allowing them to operate at peak efficiency.
  5. Another notable benefit was the significant reduction in chiller nozzle blockages, thus keeping the system running smoothly and efficiently.


The installation of Crystal Blue India’s water structuring unit has brought about a remarkable transformation in the operational efficiency of a leading Textile Weaving Mill in Erode. By effectively addressing challenges related to hard water, this innovative solution has resulted in substantial cost savings and enhanced plant performance. Furthermore, the unit’s low maintenance requirements have proven to be a major advantage, streamlining operations and reducing downtime. This success story underscores Crystal Blue India’s commitment to delivering sustainable and effective water treatment solutions tailored to the diverse needs of the industrial sector.