The efficacy of structured water has been clearly displayed as a valuable tool to increase profits. Structured Water maximizes the potential of water to its optimal state by improving its quality and bioavailability. It helps in effective hydration, weight consistency and immunity in all birds. The quantity of water consumed to hydrate and nourish is much lesser too.


Crystal Blue’s Water Structuring Units are a one-time investment that requires no maintenance.

  • Enhanced Hydration: Improves water bioavailability, helping birds in absorbing and utilising vital nutrients effectively.

  • Improved Nutrient Absorption: Better digestion, nutrient utilisation and accelerated growth rates.

  • Healthier Environment: Reduce the risk of waterborne diseases and create a healthier living environment for your poultry.

  • Optimal Digestive Health: Maintain a balanced pH level, promote gut health and foster the growth of beneficial microorganisms in your birds’ digestive tracts.

  • Boosted Immunity: Strengthen the immune system of your flock. Reduce disease incidence and enhance overall resistance.

Black statistic chart - vortex structured water in poultry farming - Structured water units
Dead chicken - reduce death rate & improve health of birds with strucutred water units

Mortality rate reduction

Weight scale - strcutred water for poultry benefits in increased weight of the birds
Chickens, hens with weight scale - water structuring units benefit in increased weight of poultry

Increases weight in less period.

black chichen feather - Use Crystal Blue's structured water devices to improve quality of poultry
yellow and brown chicks - Crystal Blue's water structuring units improve feather & coloratio quality of poultry

Improved feather & coloration quality.

hen feeding on grains - vortex magnetized structured water in poultry farming
Farmer walking around chicken in the farm - structured water devices for poultry farming

Reduced costs on inputs

Black syringe - reduce diseases and solve problems of birds with structured water devices
Chicken being inspected - lower incidence of common diseases in poultry with structured water devices

Lower incidence of common diseases.

Hen sitting over eggs - increase egg farming & layer poultry with structured water devices
A number of eggs & yellow yolk of broken egg - structured water units benefit in increased quantity of eggs

Egg quantity and quality are improved.

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