Crystal Blue structured water units are fully automatic water conditioning devices that have no moving parts & require minimum maintenance. These units reduce the scaling properties of water and reduce salt deposits in pipelines and plumbing systems. These devices do not need filters or replacement parts. They have numerous benefits when used in a residence, apartments & individual flats.

A Natural Solution to Tough Water Scaling

Getting rid of water scaling is a challenge. The dissolved calcium and magnesium in the hard water add additional efforts to household cleaning. Crystal Blue’s structured water units are natural water conditioners that help in preventing water scaling from happening in the first place. Passing hard water through these devices reduces its scale forming properties and prevents spots on dishes, glasses, and surfaces.

Prevent Calcium Deposits From Shower Heads

Shower heads are frequently blocked by unsightly calcium deposits. When hard water is high in silica, lime, calcium, and magnesium it leaves an unpleasant bathing experience. Crystal Blue’s maintenance-free structured water conditioners remove scaling from the bathroom surface, keep skin hydrated & moisturized, make hair shinier & silkier, and keep appliances like geysers free of deposits.


whole house water structuring unit - energized structured water dealers crystal blue
structured water for kitchen sink - structured water for residential use

Keeps surfaces Shining & Clean

structured water for bathroom - whole house structured water unit dealers
structured water devices for bathroom - structured water units for residential uses

Prevents & removes Scaling

structured water device for shower - energized structured water dealers Crystal Blue India
structured water products for shower - whole house structured water unit dealers

Plumbing parts last longer

structured water for washing machine - Water Structuring Unit Manufacturers
Enhanced structured water unit for washing machine - structured water dealers

Increases the life of Appliances

structured water for house tank - whole house structured water device in India
structured water for water tank - structured water dealers India

The Goodness of Nature in every Drop

structured water for solar system - Enhanced structured water unit dealers
structured water device for solar system - Portable Structured Water Unit India

Dissolves Calcium & Iron Deposits

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