UPVC Series

UPVC Series has different models of water structuring units such as UPVC+ & UPVC Supreme. The UPVC series is our cost effective alternative to the Stainless Steel series and is designed to give the most of the benefits of structured water at a price point that is affordable.

  • The UPVC+ range is our generic entry level unit and is primarily used for small installations such as individual homes, small apartments, small farms & gardens. These have quartz crystal balls enclosed in a copper tube that is surrounded by our proprietary mineral mix. These are available in different sizes from 1 inch to 6 inches and can be easily fitted inline into any piping system with the help of adapters.

  • The UVPC Supreme range is an upgraded version of the UPVC+ and designed for larger installations and is effective for homes, apartments, greenhouses, livestock, poultry and agricultural use.

Specification – UPVC Plus variants

SizeThread SizeLength (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kgs)Flow Rate (m3/hr)Operating Pressure (kg/cm2)Usage
0.5″ and 1″Union450782.011-125Residential / Dairy Farming & Poultry
1.5″ and 2″Union6801055.728-295Residential / Agriculture / Commercial
2.5″ and 3″5201329.839-425Agriculture / Commercial
4″62019015.070-725Agriculture / Commercial
6″59019013.070-725Agriculture / Commercial

Specification – UPVC Supreme variants

SizeThread SizeLength (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kgs)Flow Rate (m3/hr)Operating Pressure (kg/cm2)Usage
1″400783.511-125Residential / Dairy Farming & Poultry
1.5″ and 2″6001058.028-295Residential / Agriculture / Commercial
2.5″ and 3″71013214.039-425Agriculture / Commercial

Note: “for special applications or non-standard sizes, please click here to contact us