The Secret to Improving Soil Fertility & Crop Yield

improve soil fertility & crop yield with structured water - Crystal Blue

Crop Yield? What’s that?

Crop yield, by definition, refers to how much grain or other crops are produced per unit area of land. It is an indication of how efficiently the land is used to produce agricultural commodities. Higher the yield, better is the land utility value!

Is Crop Yield linked to Soil fertility? Can it be improved?

Crop Yield is inextricably linked to the Soil Fertility and the efficient management of available resources. The capacity of the soil to sustain crop growth is defined as Soil Fertility. The fertility of the soil is directly proportional to the crop yield.

Soil Fertility can be enhanced through many ways, the most common being the application of organic & inorganic fertilizers to the soil. But apart from these conventional methods, there is an inexpensive, yet greatly beneficial technique! The use of Structured Water for irrigation.

It has been scientifically demonstrated that the use of Structured Water ameliorates the soil quality. Research has proven that the use of Structured Water increases oxygen concentration, increases bioavailability of water & nutrients to plants, increases water absorption in soil & improves soil pH. It also significantly reduces the dependence on fertilizers & pesticides.

But will this improve Crop Yield?

Structured Water for agricultural use has been scientifically proven to benefit crop quality. Many scientific studies and research, carried out by reputed institutions such as Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Water Technology Centre, University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot, Central Institute of Cotton Research, Coimbatore, etc, have time & time again validated the claims of improved quantity and quality of yield of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grain crops. Structured Water helps farmers to dramatically reduce the water consumption & enhances the crop quality, while increasing the nutrient density. Regular use of Structured Water in the farm will save the expenses incurred on pesticides and fertilizers, thus increasing the profit margin as well.

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