Polycarbonate Series

Crystal Blue’s Polycarbonate Series has different variants such as Portable, Handheld and Undershower. All the units have quartz crystals balls surrounded by minerals and enclosed in a high quality polycarbonate tube.

  • The Portable variant is our smallest unit and is compactly designed to enable you to carry it along in your travel kit.

  • The Handheld variant is designed for all kinds of household applications and personal use. They are larger than the portable unit, which aids in a larger flow of water through the unit. They have a wider range of applications

  • Undershower units can be connected directly to the inlet of the shower or inline in any piping system. They can be connected to the inlet of bathroom pipeline, washing machine, RO unit, solar heater etc. It aids in the reduction of scaling and clogging of pipelines & helps to keep your appliances working for a longer time.

Specification – Polycarbonates Range

TypeThread SizeLength (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kgs)Buy Now
Poly Portable3/8 BSP115320.126 Enquire
Poly Hand HeldNo thread130700.555 Enquire
Poly Under Shower3/4 BSP135700.555 Enquire

Note: “for special applications or non-standard sizes, please click here to contact us