What is structured water?


Clean, natural water is one of the most essential, fundamental element for human beings, animals, plants and our eco system alike.


What is structured water?

Structured water is soft, energized, with original detached molecular structure, balanced pH, less surface tension, neutralized toxins and free of memory. Rain water is considered as the purest form of water as it is refreshed, energized by the natural action prevalent in the atmosphere.

In nature the factors like sun rays, swirling motion of the wind and the electric charge of lightening work together to realign the molecular structure of rain water thus making it more efficient for absorption in plants, animals and human beings. Other forms of structured water are fresh spring water, river water, water from waterfalls.

what is structured water? Borewell water vs structured water with Crystal Blue structured water units


How is water structured in Crystal Blue water structuring device?

Crystal Blue water structuring devices are cylindrical and comes with glass balls arranged in a particular manner. These glass balls are infused with rare earth minerals, the quartz compression within device produce radiant energy frequency. This energy frequency effectively reduces the surface tension and cluster size of water molecule.

When the water flow through the device, it gushes over the glass balls thus creating a pressure, resonant frequency and vortex movement, hence structuring the water. These water structuring device separates water molecules which are clustered and realign them back to their original, free state.

Crystal Blue water structuring devices achieves this by mimicking the nature’s way of enhancing water at the molecular level.Structured water has a greater ability than unstructured water to hydrate and nourish plant and animal tissues. It also penetrates easily into the soil and helps in water conservation. Structured water is the secret for healthy plant growth. All of the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units produce a natural phenomenon known as piezoelectricity.

How structured water units work - turn borewell water into structured water


Why should you buy Crystal Blue water structuring device?

Crystal Blue water structuring devices can be operated without electric power and any moving mechanical parts. These devices can be used with or without filters. Crystal Blue water structuring devices requires no maintenance. The device is eco-friendly, safe to use and works without any chemicals, salts or magnet. It helps you save time, money, increase yield and revenue.


Comparative analysis of agricultural produce study with GDV Bio-Electrography

Structured water vs normal water - vegetable cultivation with water structuring units

Lady's finger cultivation with Crystal Blue India's structured water devices


Advantages of structure water – Agriculture

The structured water helps farmers to increase the yield quantity and quality. Regular use of structured water in your farm will to save your expenses incurred on pesticides and fertilizers, thus increasing your profit margin.

Structured water benefits - advantages of structured water for agriculture


Advantages of structure water – Human Beings

Structured water is vey beneficial for human health. Drinking structured water regularly will help to stay healthy and fit. The texture of structured water is silky as in a stream. Structured water cleans off chemicals in vegetables and fruits, thus increasing the nutrient levels.

  • Maximes hydration
  • Boosts immune system
  • Softens hair and skin
  • Aids digestive system
Structured water benefits for health & human body with Crystal Blue's whole house structured water units


Advantages of structure water – Plumbing

structured water benefits - advantages of structured water in plumbing


Advantages of structure water – Dairy

structured water benefits - advantages of water structuring units in dairy farming


Sadhguru’s talk on “Water has Memory”

Sadhguru talks about water and its memory power. One can benefit from memory power of water by using it effectively.