Crystal Blue Structured Water is beneficial for textile industries, boilers and chillers, poultry, agriculture, commercial, and institutions, providing significant advantages.



Discover easy maintenance with structured water for swimming pools.


"In the knit washer we have been able to reduce 25% water consumption to get the same wash fastness. We feel there is further scope and we are reducing the water in small steps to arrive at the required water flow."

A progressive weaving mill in Chennai

"In the woven washing machine, we have taken bulk production of fabric washing in all colours. We have been successful in completely avoiding using soaping liquids in the washing machine even for dark colors and we are getting equal or better wash fastness "

A successful textile industry in Chennai

" Merceriser neutralizing acid consumption has dropped by 35% indicating better washing A leading textile mill in Chennai"

A leading textile mill in Chennai

The Growth & Health of the plant is considerably very good after using Crystal Blue. The leaf width, Colour & Appearance has improved compared to Normal Water ."

Mr. K.Venkatesh, Progressive Organic Farmer, B.G.Sargur, Karnataka

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