Stainless Steel Series

Stainless Steel Series has different models such as Personal, Professional & All-Purpose.

  • The Personal range has 2 variants namely, Handheld and Undershower. These units are made of high quality marine grade stainless steel and have quartz crystal balls placed inside a 24k gold plated copper tube enclosed in a jacket of minerals designed to maximise the vortex flow of water. The resulting output is water charged with healing qualities of these metals that gives unsurpassed benefits to the human body.

  • The Professional range has larger units and comes in sizes from 1 inch to 4 inches and can be fitted inline into any piped water system. This makes them equally effective for home, apartment, greenhouse, livestock and agricultural use. This has all the benefits of the smaller units but allows for a larger flow volume.

  • The All-Purpose range is our premium offering and comes in sizes from 1 inch to 3 inches. These have a larger volume of minerals and crystal balls and at the same time allow for greater pressures and flow rate, making it ideally suitable for large installations in industries, estates, hospitals and other establishments.

Specification – Stainless Steel Personal variants

TypeThread SizeLength (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kgs)Buy Now
SS Hand Held – Gold1/2″ BSP140491.2 Enquire
SS Under Shower – Gold1/2″ BSP140461.2 Enquire

Specification – Stainless Steel Professional variants

SizeThread SizeLength (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kgs)Buy Now
1″ SS Pro1″ BSP304786.0Enquire
2″ SS Pro2″ BSP3951019.5Enquire
3″ SS Pro3″ BSP41013016.5Enquire

Specification – Stainless Steel All Purpose variants

SizeThread SizeLength (mm)Diameter (mm)Weight (kgs)Buy Now
1″ SS1″ BSP34012616.6Enquire
2″ SS2″ BSP47015025.86Enquire
3″ SS3″ BSP47015024.3Enquire

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