Water Conditioner For Irrigation – A Secret to Healthy Crop

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Healthy food and healthy water are two of life’s greatest blessings. But did you know that to grow healthy food you need healthy water? And healthy water comes from water conditioners for irrigation that have proven to increase the agriculture produce, soil fertility, and gains.

Rainwater is the most preferred type of water for plants. Rainwater is pure and almost free of salts, chemicals, and minerals. It also contains nitrogen in forms that plants can absorb easily. Rainwater stimulates plant growth – much higher than water from other sources. But rainwater is not available all year long. Left with no alternative, we are forced to irrigate using water supplied through pipes or through bore-well water. So, what is the best type of water for irrigation?

Is Chemically Treated Water Any Good To Your Farm?

The water supplied to our farms through pipes is often contaminated with chemicals and is laced with impurities. The source for the addition of these chemicals is partly due to the mixing of disinfectants, but mainly due to the contamination of water due to effluents and pollutants. Plants do not take well to the use of such water. The plants can still grow, albeit not healthily. When the plants are forced to absorb this water, they exhibit stunted growth. And water conditioners for irrigation are a whole new way of nurturing your plants.

How About Bore-Well Water? ​

Bore-well water is another means of irrigating the plants. It is common knowledge that bore-well water is ‘hard.’ As the rain falls to the ground it becomes ‘hard’ by dissolving into it minerals like chalk, lime, calcium, and magnesium. The groundwater used for irrigation contains undesirable salts and heavy metals that are not good for plant health. Plant systems reject these salts and hence take up less and less water in order to avoid the salts. This leads to an undesirable salt build-up in the soil and stunted growth in the plants.

The only way to overcome this excessive buildup of salts in the soil is by overwatering the field to push the salts down or by opting for an expensive salt treatment process to neutralize the excessive salt content in the soil. A very expensive proposition indeed.

Some people may argue that a water softening unit can be a solution to this conundrum. But while a water softener softens the water, it does not necessarily remove the salts – softened water is created by adding chemicals to the hard water to form insoluble precipitates or by ion exchange. Softened water is basically hard water, but with the calcium and magnesium removed. Softened water is often hazardous to your plants. When used for irrigation, softened water causes the same set of problems as hard water.

Water Conditioners For Irrigation​

Rainwater is considered as the purest form of water as it is refreshed and energized by the natural action prevalent in the atmosphere. Structured Water is smooth, energized, with original detached molecular structure, balanced pH, less surface tension, neutralized toxins, and free of memory. It is as close to natural water as possible, if not identical.

One of the main benefits of using Structured Water is the prevention/elimination of scale buildup in the pipes. For farms that use a drip irrigation method, this is a boon. The use of Structured Water helps keep the drip irrigation pipes clog-free and the nozzles clean. It increases the life of the system by many folds.

Water structuring devices are natural water conditioners that mimic nature’s way of enhancing water at the molecular level. The devices neutralize the harmful chemicals present in the water and restore natural goodness. Structured water has a greater ability than unstructured water to hydrate and nourish plants. It also penetrates easily into the soil and helps in water conservation. With the use of Structured Water, the yield is greener and stronger. The soil permeability is improved, which allows the accumulated salt buildup to sink deeper into the soil, which aids better absorption of nutrients to the plants.

Structured water is the secret to healthy plant growth.

How to get Structured Water?​

Crystal Blue India is a leading manufacturer of Structured Water products – natural water conditioners and energizers. Crystal Blue water structuring devices can be operated without electric power and any moving mechanical parts and hence require no maintenance. The devices are eco-friendly, safe to use, and work without any chemicals, salts or magnets. It helps you save time, money, increase yield and revenue