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Crystal Blue structured water for agriculture has been scientifically proven to benefit crop quality. Scientific studies and research has been carried out by reputed institutions that validate the claims of improved quantity and quality of yield of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grain crops. Discover the benefits of using structured water – increase yield & maximize profits.



restructured water for agriculture
structured water device for agriculture

Increase yields 10% to 30%

energized structured water
structured water dispenser

Increase water absorption in soil

structured water for plants
farming with structured water

Increase bioavailability of water & nutrients to plants

structured water vortex machine
portable structured water unit

Increase oxygen concentration

vortex structured water for agriculture
benefits of structured water for agriculture

Improves soil pH

water imploder machine
natural water softener

Increases weight & size of produce

structured water in India
water purification device

Increases shelf-life of produce

water conditioning device
water conditioning system

Increases rate of seed germination

water structuring products
water structuring devices

Reduces water use by up to 30%

natural action structured water
natural action technology

Reduces fertilizer and pesticide needs

Case Studies

Gherkin cultivation structured water device

Gherkins Cultivation

At Sira

26% increase in yield after using Structured Water

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structured water zucchini cultivation

Zucchini Cultivation

At Coonoor

After using structured water yield increased by 14 %

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green chilly cultivation with structured water

Green Chilly Cultivation

At Vijay Foundation, Mysore

Yield increased from 38 kg to 69 kg using structured water

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structured water unit installation

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU)

Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu
structured water unit tamil nadu

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU)

Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu
structured water device installation


Charu District, Rajasthan


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The Growth & Health of the plant is considerably very good after using Crystal Blue. The leaf width, Colour & Appearance has improved compared to Normal Water.

Mr. K.Venkatesh,

Progressive Organic Farmer, B.G.Sargur, Karnataka
Organic fertilizers were used only once during planting and no manure has been used. The previous yield with Borewell water = 26 tonnes Yield with Structured water = 30 tonnes.

Smt. Lakshmi Devamma,

National Award Winner, K R Pet, Mandya Dist

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