Increase Agricultural Yield

Natural Water Conditioner For Agricultural Use

Thousands of farmers across India are benefitting with improved crop yields due to a better water quality. Crystal Blue understands the importance of water quality. The importance of good water cannot be understated, since water is the only resource that provides the driving force in agricultural production. Our structured water devices are sustainable natural water conditioners that have proven to show improvement in crop yield by 30% – 40%.

The use of good water in farming results in quality crops. It makes the difference between a good farm and a great farm. Good water turns you into a successful farmer with maximum returns. Structured water is the key to unlocking better farming.

Effects of Borewell Water in Farming

The high amount of salinity in hard water affects the ability of plants to further absorb the water and also damages the soil structure. Hard water prevents plants from absorbing minerals & growing faster. Borewell water, when passed through water structuring devices, gets conditioned. The surface tension of borewell water is altered significantly making it structured. The water is thus conditioned, supporting faster & healthy growth of the crops.

Benefits of Structured Water in Increasing Agricultural Yield:

  • Healthier agricultural produce
  • Bulkier crops
  • Better soil quality for generations to come
  • Lesser water consumption
  • No electricity required
  • Maintains pH balance in the water
  • Zero maintenance