Imagine a day when the food we ate became truly nutritious and energising? Well, the day has come to the world of agriculture.

“What if changing one thing could change everything?” For agriculture, it is simple. The one thing is called structured water.

Just like how plants have cells and consciousness, water too has memory and is made of minerals. Have you ever noticed how your lawn or garden looks after it rains? It doesn’t look the same when you water it with your hose.

For some reason, rain water makes the lawn look vibrant, greener, and full of life, like lawns in the most beautiful villas in Koh Samui island on Thailand. The reason is simple. There is a stark difference between the water from nature and the water processed by man. Rain is a natural part of nature’s hydrological cycle and as such it is structured and packed with vital life force energy.

Imagine getting rain water all year round? Well, this is possible. We live in an era where technology and innovation has made everything possible.

When agricultural farms receive natural water that delivers extra life force energy, they grow more.

You too can enhance the molecular level in your water by installing a structured water unit in your industry or home.

Structured water units create a tuned environment where water is caused to flow in a specific geometrical pattern. The flows and counter flows create an environment of dynamic shear and pressure differentials that turn water into a machine. This technology employs an innovative application and advanced understanding of the vortex phenomena.

A structured water unit allows you to witness the natural spiralling motion and hydrologic cycles of water anywhere and everywhere.

You can be assured of #MoreCropFromEveryDrop with Crystal Blue India’s structured water unit:

  • Contains no energetic toxins

  • Brings forward high oxygenation states

  • Increases the energy

  • Regulates and balances the soil minerals

So what can you expect from watering with structured water?

  • Increase yields 10% to 30%

  • Increase water absorption in soil

  • Increase bio availability of water & nutrients to plants

  • Increase oxygen concentration

  • Improves soil pH

  • Increases weight & size of produce

  • Increases Shelf life of produce

  • Increases rate of seed germination

  • Reduces water use up to 30%

  • Reduce fertilizer and pesticide needs

Get quality yields on your farm with a structured water unit!

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