A chiller is essential to maintain the efficiency of the industrial plant. Industrial chillers lower the temperature of machinery, industrial spaces and process fluids by removing heat from the system and transferring it elsewhere. They are essential for temperature regulation in industrial processes. Chillers prevent thermal damage to equipment by ensuring that the machine components work at the right temperature and the entire process runs at the optimum level of performance. Chillers and cooling towers
Be it for drinking purposes or industrial use, water is a necessity. But with a burgeoning population and over consumption of resources, the access to water, let alone good quality water, is becoming harder as the days pass. Water deficiency is increasing day by day due to the disturbance of climate patterns around the world. Ground water in most places is either contaminated or depleted. When impure / untreated water is used in industrial application,
Water – The Lifeline of Textile Industries Textile industries are water intensive and vast amounts of water are used throughout the textile manufacturing processes. Dyes, chemicals and finishing agents are applied to fabrics in water baths. The preparation steps, such as sizing, de-sizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerising, dyeing, printing, washing etc., often use aqueous systems. The textile industry is dependent on water for practically all the processes in manufacturing activity and the water consumption in the
Water – the driving force Industries and commercial establishments are hugely dependent on water. Statistics show that industries constitute a whopping 30% of total water consumption. Common industrial usage of water is in manufacturing industries, fabricating industries, cooling uses, boilers, etc.  Water lies at the heart of operations in industries and commercial establishments and as such holds the key to efficient and smooth running of the commercial plants. The quality of water is therefore crucial
Water is a principal necessity in agriculture. Without water, there can be no crops. The yield is better when water is plentiful. Water is also needed for the soil and the microorganisms. But water is a limited resource and the water crisis is a major issue that threatens the very survival of humanity. Water consumption in irrigation is fast turning into a major concern. A vital action is needed soon as agriculture is one of