Crop Yield? What’s that? Crop yield, by definition, refers to how much grain or other crops are produced per unit area of land. It is an indication of how efficiently the land is used to produce agricultural commodities. Higher the yield, better is the land utility value! Is Crop Yield linked to Soil fertility? Can it be improved? Crop Yield is inextricably linked to the Soil Fertility and the efficient management of available resources. The
We have always maintained that Structured Water is great for your farm. It improves the crop yield and maximizes the returns. Well, now we have one more report to back up our claim! Water Technology Centre (WTC) at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University carried out a study and evaluation of the ‘Performance of Structured Water on Growth, Yield and Quality of Cotton and Vegetables’ with the objectives being – To assess the influence of Structured Water
Drinking enough water to stay hydrated is essential but hydration is much more than enough fluid intake. Athletes, in particular, experience daily water losses which are substantial and they need a farther emphasis on their hydration status. As a norm, athletes are extensively engaged in intense physical exercises, the duration of which is usually long. If there occurs a mismatch between sweat cast out from the body & water requirement they are dehydrated and dehydration
Feed cost is a major factor that impacts the profitability in the poultry industry. Controlling or reducing this cost has a major impact on the economics of the poultry business. Feed consumption is measured by a factor called the FCR. FCR – Feed Conversion Ratio is a measure of the poultry’s efficiency in converting feed into increased body mass which ultimately defines a farmer’s returns against the efforts. Farmers use two additional terms: Biological FCR
Does your crop yield look healthy to you? Is it the soil or the quality of irrigation water? The quality of irrigation water plays an important role in the quantity, quality, and yield of crops. Poor irrigation water quality is a critical factor in determining the quantity of the produce, quality of yield, and soil productivity. Not all irrigation water systems guarantee increased yield and higher profits. The only science that can guarantee both is