Improved Agricultural Yields with Structured Water [An analysis on the TNAU report]

We have always maintained that Structured Water is great for your farm. It improves the crop yield and maximizes the returns. Well, now we have one more report to back up our claim!

Water Technology Centre (WTC) at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University carried out a study and evaluation of the ‘Performance of Structured Water on Growth, Yield and Quality of Cotton and Vegetables’ with the objectives being –

  • To assess the influence of Structured Water units on chemical composition and various water quality parameters

  • To evaluate the impact of Structured Water units on seedling vigour, growth, soil properties and uptake of nutrients by cotton and vegetables

  • To compare yield and quality of the produce with existing practices.

Established during 1982, Water Technology Centre (WTC) at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) is one among the three such centres in the country. It plays a key role in making an assessment of the available resources of water and economic utilization for maximizing agricultural production with suitable on-farm water management practices developed for different situations.

To assess the effectiveness of Structured Water units on plant growth, yield, soil properties and nutrient uptake the field experiments were conducted during 2013 – 14 employing Cotton, Bhendi and Tomato as test crops. To ascertain its role in improving the irrigation water quality, two separate field trials, one at Agricultural College and Research Institute (TNAU), Coimbatore employing test crop as Cotton and two more field trials at farmer’s field in Thondamuthur block employing test crop as Tomato and Bhendi were carried out for confirmation of results.

The results of the scientific study were stunning, but not surprising. The salient findings of the research were,

  • Under the field experiment on cotton, the growth, yield attributes, yield and quality was higher under application of 100% structured water with the seed cotton yield increase of 36.6% over ordinary water irrigation.

  • In tomato cultivation, the growth, yield, economics and quality was favourably influenced by Structured Water irrigation. It recorded higher growth and yield with the increase of 39.55% fruit yield over ordinary water irrigation. The economic returns showed that Structured Water irrigation recorded the highest net return.

  • In Bhendi cultivation, the growth, yield and economics was higher in Structured Water irrigation with 35.84 % yield increase over ordinary water application.

  • In Sorghum, the growth parameters and yield was higher in structured water irrigation with 3.0 % yield increase over ordinary water application.

  • Tapioca also showed higher yield under structured water irrigation with 19.06% increased yield over ordinary water irrigation.

  • Structured Water irrigation practice recorded higher nutrient uptake (NPK) when compared to ordinary water irrigation.

  • Drip uniformity coefficient indicated that 100% Structured Water irrigation recorded higher drip uniformity coefficient (92.78%) than the ordinary irrigation management practices.

Based on the results of field experiments, it is proven that the crops which were irrigated with Structured Water exhibit an increase in growth and yield. Crop production improvement is observed with the use of Structured Water. Structured Water creates a tuned environment where water is caused to flow in specific geometrical patterns. The characteristic of water reflects a purity that is observed in nature. Crystal Blue’s Structured Water units eliminate negative energy patterns and redefine water’s natural healthy energy pattern.

The research reaffirms that plants love and thrive with Crystal Blue’s Structured Water. Our Structured Water units are your best friends in farming. Crop production improvement and improving crop yield and quality are a given with the application of Structured Water.