Improve Quality of Irrigation Water with Structured Water Devices

Does your crop yield look healthy to you? Is it the soil or the quality of irrigation water?

The quality of irrigation water plays an important role in the quantity, quality, and yield of crops. Poor irrigation water quality is a critical factor in determining the quantity of the produce, quality of yield, and soil productivity.

Not all irrigation water systems guarantee increased yield and higher profits. The only science that can guarantee both is “Structured Water”. Structured water in farming has proven to be the best quality-water for irrigation. It has greater wetting property than ordinary water and hence gives full hydration to the crops.

Crystal Blue water structuring units have shown incredibly impressive results in farming. The structured water filters have helped farmers boost yield and profits in several parts of the country.

Structured Water Improves Quality of Irrigation Water

High pH levels, alkalinity, soluble salts, and hard water salts such as magnesium & calcium present in borewell water clog irrigation systems. And this results in poor irrigation water quality which fails to produce high-quality yields.

Structured water is soft, energized with balanced pH levels & neutralized toxins. It promises physical growth stimulation of the crops. Structured water technology changes the physical and chemical parameters of natural water which results in increased filtration and dissolving properties of water. Use of Crystal Blue structured water devices has been found to increase crop yield – Radish by 287%, Sweet Potato by 104%, Beans cultivation by 128%.

Using structured water in irrigation – Sprinkler and drip irrigation – can increase seed germination, improve the quality of the crop, reduce the use of organic and inorganic fertilizers. The structured water filters can reduce water needs by 20%-30% and provide long-lasting soil moisture. Watering crops with structured water is a long-term cost-effective solution.

Benefits of Structured Water in Agriculture

That’s not it. Structured water hydrates soil microbes & soil carbon storage. By delivering electrical charge into the soil it improves the health and diversity of microbes.

Benefits of Structured Water in Irrigation

  • Bigger & better crops
  • Better assimilation of nutrients in plants during the vegetation period
  • Increased yield & profits
  • Highly moist soil
  • Increase oxygen concentration
  • Increased soil pH
  • Reduced salinity in soil
  • Increased quantity of crop produce

Higher Yield with Improved Irrigation Water Quality

Crystal Blue India’s structured water devices have been leveraged in a large number of agricultural fields and have been proved to be highly profitable in crop cultivation.

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