A Solution to Prevent Hard Water Deposits – Structured Water

Prevent hard water deposits and water scaling with Crystal Blue Structured Water units

Water, even though transparent, contains many dissolved minerals and chemicals. These dissolved salts give the water its quality of hardness. The concentration of the dissolved salts determines how hard the water is.

Most households and industries are dependent on bore-well water for their water needs. But, unfortunately, bore-well water contains a high amount of dissolved salts and is considered as ‘Hard Water’.

The Disadvantage of Using Hard Water

Hard water causes scaling. The precipitation of calcium and other minerals present in the hard water forms a hard deposit. This deposit, called lime scale, clogs pipes and can lead to expensive breakdowns.

Cooling towers, boilers and other industrial equipment need to be constantly monitored and cleaned to prevent unwarranted downtimes and losses.

Is Structured Water a Better Alternative?

Structured Water is known to reduce scaling and hard water deposits. It increases the life of the machines and equipment in the household and industry. It helps reduce breakdowns and unscheduled downtimes. Though the Structured Water unit works 24/7, without any additional cost, it does not need maintenance or replacement parts. It greatly reduces the operation cost and maximizes the overall efficiency of the plant. It is also ecologically safe & environment friendly.

In commercial boilers, RO units, and water softeners there is a significant cost benefit to using our structured water devices. In the textile industry, structured water has yielded many benefits, from reduced clogging of water nozzles to lower consumption of detergent in washing machines. When used to cure concrete it has improved its impact strength and increases the life of machines & equipment. When used in households & apartments, structured water units prove far more efficient than water softeners.

Structured water for the whole house and apartments help you save costs on detergents, replacement of plumbing fixtures, and in keeping kitchen appliances safe & well-maintained.

Crystal Blue Water Structuring devices convert ordinary water into structured water which reduces the scaling properties of the dissolved minerals and salts. It also reduces the surface tension of the water resulting in better lather when using soap. Also, unlike water softening units, Crystal Blue’s structured water units have no moving parts & require minimum maintenance. They do not need filters or replacement parts.

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