Structured Water – Why Your House Needs it

Whole house structured water unit - Why your house needs it

Most households are dependent on bore-well water for daily water needs such as drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, gardening etc. Although bore-well water is not hazardous for health per se, it is not normally preferred for usage since bore well water is ‘hard’ in nature.

When bore-well water is the only source of water for daily usage, it is common to have a water softener & a water purification system installed for the whole house, or only in the kitchen, considering convenience and budget. However, the water softener systems that we rely on often prove to be a bane rather than a boon, as they require frequent maintenance and parts replacements that prove to be quite expensive in the long run.

Water structuring units are a better alternative than the prodigal water softening systems (Structured Water Devices vs Water Softeners). Installing whole-house structured water unit is a one-time purchase that replaces a lifetime cost of maintaining water softeners. Structured water devices are natural water softeners and thus reduce scaling properties that are caused due to the hardness of the bore well water. An added advantage with the whole-house water structuring units is that it ensures supply of energized structured water throughout the house.

Having no moving parts, they require minimum to no maintenance.

Applications of Water Structuring Units for the Whole House

Water structuring units have numerous benefits when installed in residence:


The qualities in structured water make it healthier than just filtered/RO water. Structuring the water after filtration has a range of health benefits. Drinking energized structured water regularly increases energy, boosts the immune system, promotes good digestion, improves blood flow and circulation.

Structured water allows the human body to get hydrated easily as the molecules are properly aligned. Structured water creates an aerobic positive environment that promotes healthy bacteria and negates bad bacteria in the human body. It is naturally smooth water which is easier and tastier to drink and more absorbable by the body.

Structured Water for Kitchen

Structured water keeps the kitchen surfaces clean and shining, enhances life of kitchen appliances, dishware, and reduces cost on plumbing. Rinsing fruits and vegetables with structured water helps in neutralizing inorganic compounds, heavy metals and the reduced surface tensions helps in a deeper cleansing of the fruits & vegetables. It also lets foods and other produce stay fresh for a longer period of time.

With an under-sink structured water unit, you can have access to energized structured water on tap, all the time. Installing Crystal Blue’s under-sink water structuring units will provide protection against scale and deposits on kitchen taps as well as on the glassware / crockery / utensils.

Structured Water for Bathroom

Hard water from bore-well tends to leave the skin dry, hair rough, spots & residues on the bathtubs & showerheads and bathroom fittings.

Crystal Blue’s structured water shower units (Undershower units) provide healing benefits every time you take a shower. The undershower water structuring units nourish the skin and hair, reduce dryness and itching, reduce hair-fall, eliminate scale build up on shower heads and fittings, avoid formation of soap scums and films on the bathtubs.

Structured Water for Washing Machines

Hard water makes washed clothes look dingy, causes frequent breakdowns in washing machines and uses up more energy in the household appliances. The elements in the hard water make soaps and detergents less effective due to presence of high levels of magnesium and calcium in the water.

Structured water units for washing machines act as automatic water softeners by dissolving iron and calcium deposits from hard water. With Structured water, given its reduced surface tension, lesser amounts of soap/detergent is used in laundry, while increasing the life of washing machines.

Structured water for Gardens and Plants

Structured water systems have proven to be extraordinarily beneficial to plants. Structured water contains high levels of oxygen which is of absolute necessity for plant life. It infiltrates the roots of the plants allowing them to absorb high amounts of nutrients they require in growing. Structured water restructures the lost energy in plants & provides better hydration.

Benefits of Structured Water in Residential Use

  • Structured water units are maintenance free water softeners with longer life

  • Avoids scaling on pipes and fittings

  • Increases life of solar systems and kitchen appliances

  • Crystal clean balanced water in swimming pools without the use of any chemicals & water treatments

  • Thriving plants & gardens

  • A water environment unfavorable to growth of algae

Cleaner, Softer, Smoother Water for the Whole House

Crystal Blue’s structured water products are maintenance-free water conditioning systems that facilitate the flow of energized structured water throughout the house. Explore our wide range of water structuring devices to choose the right device that best suits your household needs.

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