Structured Water Devices vs Water Softeners: What’s Better For You?

Structured water devices vs water softeners - Benefits of Structured Water units over water softeners - Crystal Blue India

The terms ‘Hard water’ and ‘Soft water’ are quite common. You may have often wondered what determines whether water is hard or soft? Or whether one type of water is healthier or safer to drink than the other? Water even though typically crystal clear, it contains minerals and chemicals. The concentration of certain minerals is what creates the “hardness” of water.

Hard water is hard on your life!

Water described as ‘Hard’ is high in dissolved minerals. Normal bore-well is considered as ‘Hard Water’ as the water contains minerals like magnesium & calcium. With the increase in the amount of these minerals, the water becomes harder. Regular use of bore-well water has many disadvantages – hair fall, poor soap and/or detergent performance, scale formation in pipes, mineral buildup on fixtures, decreased life of appliances being a few. Consumption of bore-well water for long can cause acute damage to health. It also damages plumbing equipment and results in scale formation that we all have seen all too often in sinks and bathrooms.

Is water softening safe?

To overcome the ill effects of bore-well water, one might argue that a water softening unit provides an instant solution. But it must be noted that a softener unit uses water softening chemicals to achieve the end result. While this is safe for human consumption, water softening units require ongoing maintenance, and cleaning and maintaining the equipment is vital to keep the water soft and safe for human consumption.

Is Structured Water a better alternative?

Structured water is water as nature intended it to be. It is full of natural goodness. It is soft, energized, with original detached molecular structure, balanced pH, less surface tension, neutralized toxins and is free of memory. It is highly beneficial to humans, plants & animals. Prolonged use of Structured Water results in all round improvement of health and well being.

Crystal Blue India provides an alternative to traditional softening of water.  Crystal Blue Water Structuring devices convert ordinary water into structured water which reduces the scaling properties of the dissolved minerals and salts.  It also reduces the surface tension of the water resulting in better lather when using soap.  Also, unlike water softening units, Crystal Blue’s structured water units have no moving parts & require minimum maintenance. They do not need filters or replacement parts.

Crystal Blue India provides portable structured water units, shower units, under-sink units and larger household units that can be fixed onto the water mainline

Benefits & Applications of Structured Water Products

In household application, structured water gives many benefits.  The kitchen & other domestic appliances will last longer since the structured water reduces the scaling properties resulting in reduced precipitation in appliances. It keeps the surfaces clean & shiny. Mineral stains and spots on dishes / silverware will be a thing of the past with structured water.  Reduced surface tension of water also means reduction in detergent consumption in dish washing.

Structured water incidentally is also beneficial to human health. It maximizes hydration & boosts immunity. Structured water improves the softness of the skin and reduces hair-fall incidence.

Structured Water for a better life!

Structured water is an exciting new field in water science. It is water as nature intended it to be. Structured water is full of natural goodness. Switch to Crystal Blue & discover healthy living with Structured Water.

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