This Boiler Water Conditioner Prevents Scaling & Efficiency Loss

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Boilers, as the name suggests, heat water and vaporize it. The vaporized steam is then used in various applications such as power generation, heating etc. It is known that when water evaporates, it leaves behind the salts that are dissolved in it. Now, imagine the quantum of salts that are left behind in the boilers and the pipes when water is converted to steam and the corrosive damage it can cause!

The Scale of the problem!

Improperly treated or untreated water can cause irreversible damage to the boiler and tubes due to scaling. The formation of scale is a major problem in boilers that affects the efficiency and reliability of the plant. Scaling is also the most common cause of overheating and failure of boiler tubes. Scaling is caused when untreated water is used as input to the boilers. Dissolved salts like calcium and magnesium in the untreated water precipitate to form hard scales on the boiler surfaces. 

Scaling affects the boiler’s insulating efficiency. Did you know that a layer of scale that is just 1/8th of an inch thick can reduce the boiler efficiency by as much as 20-25%! Apart from the loss of efficiency, the other major problem caused due to scaling is failure of the boiler tubes due to corrosion. The salts precipitated during evaporation corrode the metal tubes of the boiler and if left unchecked, can cause leakages which may lead to failure of the system. The leakages can also affect the external surrounding of the boiler. Leaking steam/water is an electrical hazard. The leaking steam/water can also cause corrosion to the other components of the plant. As the saying goes, Small leaks never get smaller – they only get Bigger! 

Inefficient boilers draw more electricity and water. They also require high maintenance and breakdown frequently.

Is Structured Water a Better Alternative?

Structured Water reduces scaling and hard water deposits. Crystal Blue Water Structuring devices convert ordinary water into structured water which reduces the scaling properties of the dissolved minerals and salts. It also reduces the surface tension of the water. Also, unlike water softening units, Crystal Blue’s structured water units have no moving parts & require minimum maintenance. They do not need filters or replacement parts. Though the Structured Water unit works 24/7, without any additional cost, it does not need maintenance or replacement parts. 

Crystal Blue’s Structured Water increases the life of the boiler and helps reduce breakdowns and unscheduled downtimes. It greatly reduces the operational cost and maximizes the overall efficiency of the plant. It is also ecologically safe & environment friendly.

In commercial boilers and RO units, the cost-benefit of using Crystal Blue’s Water Structuring devices is significant.