Radish Cultivation

At Vijay Foundation

Radish Cultivation (Trial 1)

Using structured water, yield increased by 287%

Structured water tested on Radish plants delivered much better yield, more water absorption, increase in weight & size, milky white, fresh and juicy yield. Whereas, borewell water on Radish plants delivered lesser yield, less soil-water absorption, decreased weight & size, pale in appearance, affected by pests and disease, less spicy, dry and hard.

ParametersBore-well WaterStructured water
YieldDecreaseIncrease by 287%
Soil Water absorptionLessMore
Weight & SizeLessMore
AppearancePale yellow, not fresh & Plants with Pests / DiseasesMilky White, fresh & Not affected with Pests / Diseases
TasteLess Spicy, Dry & HardSpicy, Crispy & Juicy

Radish Cultivation (Trial 2)

80% more yield using structured water

Radish plants were tried with structured water that gave 80% more yield when compared to borewell water. The yield was pure white, milky and juicier when compared to borewell water Radish that was yellowish and less juicy.

Bore – Well Water

Structured Water

ParticularsBore-well WaterStructured water
Area1650 Sq.Ft1650 Sq.Ft
No of rows3030
Yield in Kg’s4988

Radish Cultivation (Trial 3)

Bore – Well Water

Structured Water

Radish Planted on 08-01-2016 Normal Cycle 45 days

ParticularsBore-well WaterStructured water
No. Of Plants596596
No. Of Rows66

First Harvest on 17-02-2016

ParticularsBore-well WaterStructured water
No. Of Plants69110
No. Of Rows1925