Watermelon Cultivation

At Dhindivanam (TNAU Study)

Yield increased by 125% using structured water

Watermelon Cultivation at Dhindivanam showed positive results of increased yield of 125 per cent after using structured water.

ParametersBore-well WaterStructured water
Watermelon grown area0.66 acres1.34 acres
Yield12000 kg/ 0.66 acres (24364 kg per 1.34 acres)27000 kg/ 1.34 acre

Feedback from Farmer

Bore-well WaterStructured water
Watermelon was not uniform sizeWatermelon was uniform size
Less tasty, dry and hardTaste was sweet and juicy
Pale green color, not fresh and plants with pests and diseasesPlant look green and heathy
Water absorption in soil is good
3 times harvest done, total weight is 24,364 kgsOne time harvesting done and total weight is 27000 kgs