Paddy Cultivation

At K R Pet

Yield increased from 355 kg to 640 kg

Structured water tested on Paddy Cultivation field at K. R Pet gave the result of 80 per cent increase in yield. The yield increased from 355 kg to 640 kg.

ParametersBore-well WaterStructured water
Test Area0.375 Acre0.375 Acre
Average count per Rice Sheath180 good grains, 56 chaffy grains310 good grains, 50 chaffy grains
Total Yield355 Kgs – (6 ½ bags)640 Kgs – (12 bags)

IR-64, BR-2655, NTU-1001 Variety of paddy grown in 0.75 acres. Half feed with borewell water and other half feed with structure water.