Using the right kind of water can make a big difference !

Did you know? Using #structuredwater on plants and crops increases the yield by 10 to 30%. Crystal Blue water structuring unit achieves water structuring by replicating nature’s way of enhancing water at a molecular level. Drinking structured water maximises hydration, boosts immune system and aids in digestion in humans and animals.

The process of energising water is referred to as water structuring. #CrystalBlueIndia is a division of Vijay Precision Dies Pvt Ltd. Mysore, manufacturers water structuring units in India for you to experience the wonder of Mother Nature in your home or commercial space.

With in-line piping water structuring device and portable device, the company has been successful in creating a unique device to mimic the natural spiralling motions and hydrologic cycles of water.

Loran Eisely said ‘If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water’. #CrystalBlueIndia makes this statement true.

The benefits of structured water are seen across plants, animals and human beings. In the process of transforming bore-well water into life-enhancing water, the water structuring device ensures to retain minerals like calcium and magnesium.

The company aims at offering affordable and world-class #structuredwater units that enhance overall health and wellness. Enhance the magic in your water by structuring it. Contact us today on