Is Structured Water a cost effective solution for Commercial-use?

Water – the driving force

Industries and commercial establishments are hugely dependent on water. Statistics show that industries constitute a whopping 30% of total water consumption. Common industrial usage of water is in manufacturing industries, fabricating industries, cooling uses, boilers, etc. 

Water lies at the heart of operations in industries and commercial establishments and as such holds the key to efficient and smooth running of the commercial plants. The quality of water is therefore crucial for the profitability of the commercial establishments. 

Affecting the Scale of Operations

Impure / untreated water causes corrosion, which can lead to damage to the equipment. If left unattended, the plants can experience unexpected downtime. The reason for untreated water causing corrosion is due to scaling. 

Scaling is caused when the dissolved salts in hard water, mainly carbonates and sulphates such as those of calcium and magnesium, form an insoluble precipitate. Scale formation directly affects performance and is responsible for lost efficiency, increased maintenance and operating costs in industries. They also result in loss of revenue due to unscheduled downtimes. 

Therefore, to ensure that the profitability of commercial establishments stays high, finding a cost effective water conditioning solution is the need of the hour.

A solution that’s not hard on the pockets!

A solution to overcome the scaling issue in commercial establishments is to install a water conditioner. With proper water conditioning, the problems of lost efficiency, damage to equipment and lost production can be avoided. 

Water conditioners ‘condition’ the water by altering the chemistry of the particles that cause scaling. By conditioning water, the free ions are neutralised thereby reducing scaling and hard water deposits. It also solves the problem of corrosion that is commonly observed when hard water is used directly. Water conditioners are efficient and do not waste much water – a big advantage in industrial and commercial establishments.

Bringing Structure to your commercial establishment!

A Structured Water unit is a type of water conditioner that is tipped to revolutionise water conditioning in commercial applications. Be it industries, businesses, farms, pools, office spaces etc, it is a highly cost effective solution that is sure to increase economic efficiency of the organisation. A Structured Water unit requires only a one-time investment. A commercial Structured Water unit is a powerful solution that is designed to extract the maximum performance in commercial / industrial applications.

A Highly Cost Effective Solution

Industries and commercial spaces require large supplies of water. Commercial water structuring devices are specifically designed for commercial applications. They are compatible with medium to high flow rates and larger pipe sizes. They are completely maintenance-free and do not require any cleaning or replacement parts. They are a fix it, forget it solution. 

A commercial water structuring device requires only a one-time investment. The benefits gained with the installation of a water structuring unit far outweigh the initial investment. With the adoption of a water structuring device in your commercial space, you can 

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce maintenance / repair costs
  • Avoid breakdowns / unscheduled downtimes
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase equipment lifespan

A structured water device is a highly cost-effective solution which will boost the economic efficiency of your commercial / industrial space.  

Crystal Blue

Crystal Blue India is a leading manufacturer of commercial Structured Water units. Our water structuring devices can be operated without electric power and are maintenance-free. They are eco-friendly, safe to use and work without any chemicals, salts or magnets. They are a cost-effective solution that helps you save time, money, increase productivity and profitability in your commercial establishment.