How to Increase Milk Production in Cows Naturally?

Increase Milk Production in Cows Naturally

Water is the most important, yet often overlooked, part of a healthy diet for a dairy cow. Water constitutes upto 87% of the milk secreted by cows. Therefore, it goes without saying that good quality water ensures maximum milk production and herd health. Water is an essential component that is required in large quantities by livestock. 80% of the water requirement of a dairy cow is met by drinking water. Inadequate water or poor quality water adversely affects animal growth and milk production.

The ‘Moo’st important nutrient

Various studies and researches link water quality with livestock health and performance.  Insufficient water or water of poor quality limits the milk production and growth of the cows. It can also impact their immunity and cause health problems. Pure water promotes normal rumen function, high feed intake, digestion and nutrient absorption. Water also maintains blood volume and supplies tissue needs.

Poor Quality Water can be a very Cowstly affair!

Groundwater and water supplied through pipes are often contaminated with chemicals and are laced with impurities. The source for the addition of these chemicals is partly due to the mixing of disinfectants, and mainly due to the contamination of water due to effluents and pollutants. 

Cows allowed to drink from surface water sources such as ponds, lakes or rivers are potentially at risk from bacterial infections or poisoning due to pesticides contamination. 

Acidic water (pH of less than 5.1) can result in problems related to acidosis and result in reduced milk yield. It increases the chances of infectious and metabolic diseases in the cows. Alkaline water (pH greater than 9.0) on the other hand results in problems related to alkalosis and results in deficiencies in the cows. It also contributes to reduced milk productivity. 

Additionally, drinking water with a very high percentage of dissolved salts and contaminate concentration adversely affects the health of the cows. It can cause various diseases. Also, such contaminated water can impart an off-putting smell and taste which results in reduced water intake by the cows. This can drastically reduce the milk yield. 

Crystal Blue for a Better Dairy

Crystal Blue Structured Water Units, when used in your dairy farm, can make a world of difference. Structured water is soft, energized, with original detached molecular structure, balanced pH, less surface tension, neutralized toxins and is free of memory. When used as a nutrient source for animals, Structured Water results in many positive responses including increased growth and productivity. The milk from cows drinking Structured Water has significantly greater fat, lactose and total energy.  

The use of Structured Water saves the input costs and more importantly, saves water. It improves the feed efficiency of the cows. Structured Water increases the bio-availability of nutrients and boosts the immunity of the cows. Structured Water promotes an increase in quality & quantity of the milk output. Structured Water is the best solution to increase the milk production in cows naturally.