How Structured Water is an innovative irrigation option

Water is a principal necessity in agriculture. Without water, there can be no crops. The yield is better when water is plentiful. Water is also needed for the soil and the microorganisms. But water is a limited resource and the water crisis is a major issue that threatens the very survival of humanity. Water consumption in irrigation is fast turning into a major concern. A vital action is needed soon as agriculture is one of the highest consumers of water. But food shortage is an equally severe apocalyptic issue! 

With the conundrum being thus, the need of the hour is smart, innovative irrigation options. 

Less water usage, better quality crops

But how? The solution – better water. Better water will ensure that utilisation by the plants is maximum with less usage of water. But what is better water? Can we engineer water that is better? 

The answer lies in nature. Rainfall is the purest form of water. It is naturally energised. Research has also shown that at equal amounts of availability, the response of plants to irrigation and rainfall is very different. Plant growth, vitality, appearance and yield is much better under rainfall as compared to irrigation. Though it may not be possible to create rain, it is indeed possible to create water that mimics the properties of rain water. 

Science is but a study of nature. The study of water in its natural state (rain water, spring water, glacier melt, etc) led to the creation of a device that can induce the properties of natural water into ordinary water by tweaking the structure. This concept of energising water is called water structuring and the resultant water is called Structured Water. 

Structured Water

Structured water is a water where the normal structure of water (tetrahedral) is modified into hexagonal shape. Structured water exhibits antioxidant properties. It also has less viscosity and surface tension which helps in better penetration in cell walls. This greatly enhances hydration and bio-availability. Structured water is also more ionised and contains slightly higher pH (just above 7.0), higher density (at least 10% denser), higher oxygen content and lesser hardness than normal water. It is free of toxins and can also neutralise the acidic effect of chlorine. 

The goodness of structured water is now being utilised and successfully applied to benefit agriculture. 

The benefits of Structured Water use in Agriculture –

  • Reduces salinity and enables farmers to use better quality water for crop cultivation.
  • With the use of structured water, water usage is reduced by 20-30%
  • Plants respond better to structured water. Crop health, growth and yield is improved. >
  • Structured water keeps the soil minerals balanced.
  • Structured water penetrates the soil better. This lowers surface evaporation water loss.
  • Soil water holding capacity (WHC), nutrient availability etc. is improved.
  • The need for fertilisers and pesticides is reduced.
  • Due to the higher uptake of nutrients, better taste and nutritional quality of the produce is observed.
  • It revitalises the soil.
  • Structured water improves water use efficiency (WUE). It reduces the cost of cultivation and increases profits.
  • Structured water increases oxygen concentration and improves soil pH.
  • Crops grown with structured water have a higher shelf life.
  • Plants irrigated with structured water show vibrant colour/appearance.

Discover better farming with Crystal Blue

Structured water technology has opened a new avenue in agriculture as an innovation that provides a sustainable solution in the field of water management. Crystal Blue India is a leading manufacturer of Structured Water products. The water structuring devices can be operated without electric power and are maintenance-free. The devices are eco-friendly, safe to use and work without any chemicals, salts or magnets. The device does not have any moving parts and thus does not require maintenance or replacement parts.