Better Water Promotes Better Healing – How Structured Water Can Benefit Your Hospital?

Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine. The type of water that we drink determines the level of functioning of the body. It decides how much nutrients the cells absorb, flushes out toxins from the body and decides how effectively the cells behave and communicate. The right water is vital for the body.

Better Water for Better Health

Drinking the right water is important for improving the overall health and healing ability of the body. Water is important to keep the body functioning properly. Studies have demonstrated that vortexed water holds more energy which recharges the body and hydrates it more thoroughly than ordinary water. The energised water recharges the liquid battery of the body and charges the aqueous interior, permitting optimised cellular and metabolic function. Better water promotes better and faster healing.

The Benefits of Structured Water

Structured water is healthier than tap / filtered / RO water. It is inspired by nature, as structured water emulates nature’s way of energising, refreshing and purifying water. 

Structured water is vibrationally repaired water that is restored to the life-giving and nourishing state as found in nature. It has increased bioavailability. There is a measurable increase in structured water’s ability to hydrate and nourish the tissues. Structured water ensures healthier human beings.

There are numerous benefits of drinking structured water. A few salient ones are –

  • Structured water is more absorbable by the body and hence hydrates better.
  • It nourishes, detoxifies and restores the body all the way down to the cellular level.
  • It takes the toxic load and acidic waste out of the body efficiently. 
  • Structured water enhances the body’s immunity. 
  • Drinking energised structured water increases energy, blood flow and circulation.
  • It boosts the metabolism rate of the body.
  • Structured water nourishes the body and promotes an aerobic positive environment.
  • Structured water keeps the joints, bones and teeth healthy.  
  • Structured water aids digestion and promotes healthier life.
  • The body heals faster and better with structured water. 

Having a water structuring unit in your hospital is highly beneficial – not only for the patients, but also for your organisation. Water structuring devices can be operated without electric power and are virtually maintenance-free. The devices are eco-friendly, safe to use and work without any chemicals, salts or magnets. They do not contain any moving parts – therefore, they do not require any replacement parts or repairs. The units can create soft water without taking the life-enhancing minerals like calcium and magnesium out of the water.

Crystal Blue India

Crystal Blue India is a leading manufacturer of Structured Water products – the automatic water softeners. Crystal Blue works with the structure of the atoms and places them carefully to give structured water. Crystal Blue uses bio-nutrients like rare earth minerals and quartz compression to produce radiant energy frequencies that effectively reduce the surface tension and cluster size of water ensuring better hydration. Thus Crystal Blue is unique from other structuring units and makes it the ideal one for your hospital.

Help your patients heal better with pure and healthy Structured Water.