Achieve A Highly Nourished Garden

Whether in the backyard or right at the entrance, we dream of a beautiful and colourful garden every day of the year. Growing a highly nourished garden demands hard work. The plants need the right balance of oxygen, moist & fertile soil, fertilizer, and minerals. But the most important element is the water you give them. What if the water alone can cut down the hard work for you?

Garden Water Conditioner

Crystal Blue water structuring units are natural water conditioners that help prevent the leaves of the plants turning yellow and dry before time. The natural water conditioners nourish the plants and give them the volume they need and ultimately make your garden look beautiful. Crystal Blue water structuring units solve all of the common problems by reducing the calcium deposits from hard water.

When conditioned water is used for growing plants, the water retains and improves soil fertility. The water conditioners have proven to reduce water consumption, fertilizers in farming and have resulted in upto 40% increase in yield

Benefits of Garden Water Conditioners

  • No maintenance required.
  • Hydrated skin.
  • Zero electricity consumption.
  • No frequent breakdowns.
  • No replacements.
  • Highly voluminous plants.
  • Prevents calcium build-ups in taps & faucets.
  • Easy installation.