Bathroom Water Conditioner

Hard water results in blocked showerheads. Limescale or calcium deposits are evidently seen gathering around taps & fixtures which are hard to get rid of. Using hard water is not a problem but using it in its natural form is. Natural water conditioners like structured water devices prevent mineral build-ups from gathering on fixtures. These natural bathroom water conditioners stop the problem before it happens.

A Solution to Dry Skin

Hard water also damages your skin, It leaves your skin dry & rough due to the presence of high levels of calcium. Structured water units for bathrooms transform hard water into smooth & conditioned water that gives your skin the moisture it needs. Structured water is much kinder to your skin and can lower the risk of potential skin conditions. With structured water, you will notice a gradual decrease in the use of additional

Water Conditioners & Shiny Hair

Hard water causes severe damage to your hair. Hair dryness leads to breakage and it ultimately results in hair thinning. Dermatologists recommend avoiding hard water on your hair. By bringing hard water to its natural form with structured water units, you remove potentially harmful minerals from it. Bathroom water conditioners also produce much better lather with less soap and shampoo.

Benefits of Crystal Blue Structured Water Conditioners

  • No limescale & showerhead blockages.
  • Hydrated skin.
  • Shiny hair.
  • No maintenance.
  • No power is required.
  • No replacements.
  • Anti-scale water solution.