How To Prolong the Life of Plumbing Systems

If you have ever had problems with the plumbing system in your home you will definitely want to read this! 

Water quality problems are the single biggest reason that affects the plumbing system of a home. One of the most common water quality issues is hard water. Hard water not only reduces the life of the plumbing system but also impacts your health adversely.

How do you know if you have a Hard Water Problem?

If you have noticed a white scale-like formation on your taps or showerheads, it is the most evident sign of a hard water problem. One more giveaway symptom is the reduced flow of water through taps. Increased consumption of soaps and detergents, unclean dishes, dingy clothes, dry skin etc are all indicators of a hard water problem. 

But What is Hard Water?  

Water with a high amount of dissolved minerals such as magnesium, calcium etc. in it is considered Hard. The formation of scale is a major problem with hard water. Hard water leaves deposits in the plumbing system. If the accumulation of scale is not addressed in time, the flow of water is restricted. Also, as the scale hardens with repeated depositions, the pipes get clogged completely and replacement of the pipes becomes the only solution. Corrosion of metal pipes due to salt deposits is also a common issue with hard water. 

If the hard water is left untreated, it can cause irreversible and expensive damage to the plumbing system. 

What can I do to avoid it?

A water conditioning system is an effective solution to deal with hard water. Conditioned water has neutralised calcium and magnesium particles and thus does not cause scaling. Water structuring units are considered among the best natural water conditioners. Structured water devices are a natural solution to reduce scaling properties that are caused due to hard water. They are zero-maintenance water conditioning systems and require minimum to no maintenance. Installation of a structured water unit is a one-time purchase.

An added advantage of the whole-house water structuring units is that it ensures the supply of energized structured water throughout the house. Structured water keeps taps, faucets and shower heads clean and shining. It enhances the life of the appliances and reduces the cost of plumbing.

Why Crystal Blue?

Crystal Blue India is the exclusive exporter of Structured Water Units for their entire range of products in India. Our products are inspired by nature. Crystal Blue has researched and taken an initiative in mimicking nature’s way of energising, refreshing and purifying water through the use of a process called structuring. Our units create soft water without taking the life-enhancing minerals like calcium and magnesium out of the water. Crystal Blue uses bio-nutrients like rare earth minerals and quartz compression to produce radiant energy frequencies that effectively reduce the surface tension and cluster size of water. This is what makes Crystal Blue unique from other structuring units.