Structured Water – A Natural Broiler Growth Booster

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Water for a Better Life

Water is life. All living things require water right from the moment they are born. Be it humans, animals, birds or insects, water defines life on this planet for all organisms – and the quality of life as well.

Poultry Farming​

Poultry farming is a form of animal husbandry in which birds are raised domestically or commercially primarily for meat and eggs, and sometimes also for their feathers. The poultry farming business, if done right, can help you generate good revenue. It has an ‘eggs’cellent scope for growth and is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable agri-business in India.

Poultry farming requires proper knowledge and deep insights about the physiology of the birds, the optimum environmental conditions they require for growth and their dietary requirements. Knowing right can make the difference between a successful business venture and an also-ran.

Broiler alert!

For a chick, the first week of its life is the most important phase. The birds are at their vulnerable most as their digestive and immune systems are still in the formative phase. The chicks are most susceptible to diseases during this stage. The early days’ growth has a direct impact on the fully grown bird’s health and weight. Anything that retards the development during this time leads to irrevocable damage in terms of poor performance, condemnations and high mortality rates. Therefore, it is imperative that special attention be given to watering and environmental conditions to give the chicks the best start possible.

What water..?

When a week accounts for almost 20% of a broiler’s life, you know that the bird’s short life does not have enough time to compensate for setbacks. Such being the case, the quality of water inputted to the birds assumes critical importance. Drinking water does far more for a broiler than just quench its thirst. Good water helps the chick achieve its full growth potential as water assists in the quick development of the digestive tract and spurs it to eat.

Water from bore-well and open sources are used by the vast majority of the poultry farmers to cater to the drinking water requirement of the birds. These are not efficient at nourishing the chicks. They also contain an inherent risk and threat of causing illness to the birds on account of the impurities present in them. In the absence of a vital life force – clean and pure water, the growth of the birds cannot truly take off.

Structured Water

With the increasing awareness about the importance of water in poultry farming, many attempts are being made to modify the properties and the quality of drinking water. Efforts are being made to improve water as it is the key to improving the performance and health of livestock and poultry. But the solution has been in front of us all along – a return to nature and its purity.

Structured Water created through water structuring units is the most effective solution of all. Structured water is water as nature intended it to be.

The tuned geometry of Water Structuring Units creates an energy environment for the water to structure itself. The surface tension of water is lowered which enables it to hydrate better. The geometric technology breaks up large low energy water molecule clusters into smaller high energy clusters This makes the water ‘Structured.’ Water thus structured, contains more oxygen and has a high solubility for the minerals and vitamins. This enables the chicks to better absorb the nutrients from the digestive tract and bloodstream into the tissues.

Structured Water maximizes the potential of water to its optimal state by improving its quality and bioavailability. It helps in effective hydration, weight consistency and boosts immunity in all birds. The quantity of water consumed to hydrate and nourish is much lesser too. Structured Water increases the weight of the birds in a short span. It improves the feather and colouration of poultry.

Structured Water reduces the mortality rate of birds. By improving the health of the birds and by boosting their immune system, the use of structured water results in a lower incidence of common diseases among the birds. The quality and quantity of eggs are improved.

Re-structure your Poultry with Structured Water

Structured Water has been proven to improve growth performance, retention of nutrients and impact the general economics of commercial broiler production positively. The efficacy of structured water has been clearly displayed as a valuable tool to increase profits. With the use of structured water, you can achieve reduced costs on inputs and vastly improve the quality of poultry. A watering system with structured water at its heart is a key component to boosting your poultry farms revenues. Structured Water ensures that your birds and your profits are healthy.