Improve FCR of Poultry With Structured Water Units

increase fcr in broiler with structured water units

Feed cost is a major factor that impacts the profitability in the poultry industry. Controlling or reducing this cost has a major impact on the economics of the poultry business. Feed consumption is measured by a factor called the FCR.

FCR – Feed Conversion Ratio is a measure of the poultry’s efficiency in converting feed into increased body mass which ultimately defines a farmer’s returns against the efforts.


Farmers use two additional terms:

  • Biological FCR – The net amount of feed used to produce 1kg of broiler
  • Economics FCR – All the feed used including mortalities and feed losses

FCR is that critical parameter that can ensure the viability of a poultry farm. It is the measure of the efficiency of your poultry business. The lower the FCR, the more efficient are the flocks at converting feed into food. And gaining a lower FCR requires modern and simple methods. One of such methods to improve the FCR ratio is the use of “Structured Water“.

Structured water in poultry farming has shown incredible results. In a poultry farm in Bengaluru, broiler chickens were observed under the influence of Crystal Blue structured water units and the results were highly positive. The broiler performance displayed is as below:

  • Better feed conversion efficiency
  • Better heart and spleen weight
  • Low abdominal fat content
  • High immune system status, and
  • Additional body weight

The average weight of the broilers was increased to 1.9 Kgs with the use of structured water from 1.6 kgs as against borewell water.

Structured Water in Poultry Farming

Structured water is water as found in nature. Rainwater is considered one of the purest forms of water (which is structured). All flocks & animals instinctively know it’s the best water for them. Structured water functions in the same fashion. The water flowing out of the structured water devices is soft, smooth, hydrating, and healthier. Poultry that is organically grown where structured water is made available for consumption displays better outcomes.

Benefits of Structured Water in Poultry Farming

  • Faster growth
  • Bigger birds
  • Reduced mortality rate – From 1% to 0.5%
  • Less water and feed usage
  • Increased weight of the birds – 2 kgs in 40 days
  • Reduced cost of production per bird

The right feeding strategy can help poultry producers reduce their feed cost and as a result, give them the best chances for profitability. After all, profitability can only be improved with what’s measured.

How to Improve The FCR?

Improving FCR is easier with Crystal Blue’s structured water units. View our structured water product range or get in touch with us today for more information.