5 Benefits of Water Conditioners in Household

Do your dishes and utensils feel unclean no matter how thoroughly you wash them? Do your faucets and showerheads show watermarks and white chalk buildup? Do your household appliances break down frequently? If your answer to the questions is yes, then it is clear that you are experiencing the adverse effects of Hard Water.

What is Hard Water?

Rainwater is considered the purest form of water. It is soft in nature. This is because impurities and salts present in the water are left behind during evaporation caused by the Sun. But when rain water falls and starts flowing through the ground, it again collects the minerals and salts by dissolving them. When the percentage of salts dissolved in the water is high, water is said to have turned hard.

What does hard water do?

If you live in a home with hard water, you must have noticed the effects all around you. Be it white chalky walls of your bathroom, scale formation on the ends of taps, faucets, showerheads, white film that gives cleaned dishes and glasses a cloudy appearance, dingy clothes despite excessive consumption of soap/detergents, hard water plagues the entire household. Sounds bad? Well, these are the not-so-serious issues actually!

Outer surfaces are not the only places where the scale builds up. The precipitation of salts happens on the inner walls of the pipes and leads to clogging. Over time, the scale completely blocks the flow of water through the pipes. This leads to expensive plumbing bills due to the repairs and replacements. That apart, scale formation in electric appliances leads to excessive consumption of energy. It also causes the frequent breakdown of the appliances. Rusting is also a common issue seen with hard water usage. 

Is there a solution?

A water conditioner is an effective way to deal with hard water problems. A water conditioner neutralises the chemicals and dissolved free salts that cause the hardness of the water. A water conditioner such as a water structuring unit is a sustainable, natural and permanent solution to dealing with hard water problems that plague households everywhere.

There are many benefits to adopting a water structuring unit in a household. The 5 major benefits are

1. Prevents Irreversible Damage to Plumbing

A water structuring unit neutralises calcium and magnesium particles in hard water. These are the salts that are primarily responsible for causing scaling. Since there is no precipitation of salts, scale formation and the subsequent clogging and rusting of pipes is completely avoided. What this means is that there are no clogged pipes to replace or expensive bills to pay!  

2. Improves the Lifespan of Household Appliances

Hard water leaves deposits that cause clogging in the pipes of appliances. It also forms scaling on the coils of the heater which builds resistance and ultimately draws more power for heating. The scale deposits also block the moving parts of the appliances by forming a stubborn barrier like layer around it. With the use of structured water, the scaling phenomenon is completely avoided. What this means is that household appliances last longer and work more efficiently and are trouble-free.  

3. Cleaner Dishes

Murky dishes with a white milk-ish layer and water spots are a common occurrence when you clean the dishes using hard water. Countertops too do not look shiny and clean, no matter how many times you give it a wipe down. This is due to the dissolved salts that are left behind as and when the water used for cleaning evaporates. With the use of structured water, this problem is avoided. With the salts being neutralised in structured water, cleaned dishes come out shiny, fresh and spotless. Countertops too remain shiny and clean. 

4. Lower Gas & Electric Bills

Structured water does not cause scale buildup in the pipes and over the coils of your household appliances. With no scale formation, appliances consume less energy to say heat water, freeze water, or even pump water. They work more efficiently, last longer and run trouble-free. With the use of structured water, gas and electric bills are reduced by a considerable margin, not to mention repair costs of the appliances!

5. Reduce the Consumption of Soaps & Detergents

One of the characteristics of hard water is that it does not lather easily with soap. Hard water also adversely affects the clothes. The deposits left behind by the hard water cause the colours to fade. Structured water dissolves soap more efficiently. To achieve the same amount of suds, structured water uses much less soap/detergent. The clothes also come out looking fresh and the colours remain intact.

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