Reduce mortality rate in poultry with Structured Water

Poultry farming is an important industry, but disease outbreaks and poor water quality can lead to high mortality rates in poultry. This has a direct impact on the profitability of the farm. 

Mortality kills profits

High mortality rates in poultry can have a significant impact on profits for poultry farmers. When birds die, farmers are faced with the costs of replacing them, which can be substantial, especially in large-scale operations. Additionally, disease outbreaks can lead to quarantine and other restrictions, which can disrupt operations and result in lost sales and profits.

High mortality rates can also impact the productivity of the remaining birds, as they may be stressed and less able to grow and produce at optimal levels. This can result in a lower weight gain and reduced feed conversion, which can add to the overall costs of production.

In addition to the direct costs of replacing birds and reduced productivity, high mortality rates can also lead to a loss of consumer confidence in the poultry products, which can negatively impact sales and profitability. Any outbreaks of disease or reports of high mortality rates can damage the reputation of a poultry farming operation.

Reducing mortality rates in poultry is therefore critical to maintaining and improving the profitability of a poultry farming operation. By improving the overall health and well-being of the birds, you can reduce the costs associated with replacing birds and improve productivity. 

Invest in health, reap the rewards

Structured water is a solution that can help reduce the mortality rate and improve the overall health of the birds. By improving hydration, immunity, digestion, reducing toxicity, and lowering the incidence of disease, structured water can help poultry farmers achieve better results.

Benefits of Structured Water for Poultry

Improved Hydration: Poultry need a constant supply of clean water to maintain their health and productivity. Structured water provides better hydration, allowing the birds to absorb more water and retain it for longer. This is particularly important in hot weather, where birds can become dehydrated and suffer from heat stress.

Increased Immunity: Structured water has been shown to improve the immune system of poultry, making them less susceptible to diseases and infections. This is because structured water contains more oxygen, which is essential for the functioning of the immune system.

Better Digestion: Water plays a crucial role in the digestive process, and structured water can help improve the digestion of poultry. By improving hydration and oxygenation, structured water can help birds absorb more nutrients from their food, leading to improved growth and productivity.

Reduced Toxicity: Poultry are exposed to a variety of toxic substances in their environment, including heavy metals and other contaminants. Structured water has been shown to reduce the toxicity of these substances, helping to improve the health of the birds and reduce mortality rates.

Lower Incidence of Disease: Poultry are susceptible to a wide range of diseases, many of which are waterborne. By improving the quality of the water they drink, structured water can help reduce the incidence of disease and improve the overall health of the birds.

Crystal Blue India

Structured water is a valuable tool for poultry farmers looking to improve the health and productivity of their birds. 

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