Harvest the benefits of Greenhouse Gardening with Structured Water

Structured water for plant growth

Greenhouse gardening is a great way to grow plants all year-round, but it can also be resource-intensive. Greenhouse gardening refers to the practice of growing plants inside a structure that allows for control over the growing environment, including temperature, humidity and light. These structures are typically made of glass or plastic and are designed to trap sunlight and heat, creating a warm and controlled environment for plants to grow.

The quality of water is extremely important in greenhouse gardening as it can directly impact the growth, health and yield of plants.

The importance of water quality

The quality of water can have a significant impact on the health and growth of plants in greenhouse gardening. The quality of water affects the nutrient uptake, pH balance, disease prevention and mineral build-up in the soil and irrigation system.    

Structured water is water that has been reorganized into a more efficient molecular configuration. This reorganization occurs naturally in nature, such as in mountain streams or waterfalls. However, it can also be recreated with the use of a water structuring device. These devices utilise technological processes to mimic the natural process of water structuring.

Using structured water in greenhouse gardening can provide a range of benefits, including increased plant growth, reduced water consumption and improved soil health. Here are some of the ways that structured water can enhance greenhouse gardening:

  1. Increased plant growth – Structured water can improve the uptake of nutrients and minerals by plants, leading to increased growth rates and healthier plants, it also hydrates better.
  2. Reduced water consumption – Structured water is more efficient at delivering nutrients to plants. This is due to the fact that structured water has lower surface tension, allowing it to penetrate plant cells more easily and transport nutrients more efficiently. Structured water also keeps the soil wet for a longer time, thereby reducing the amount of water needed to maintain healthy plants. This is a significant benefit in greenhouse gardening, where water usage can be high and conservation is important.
  3. pH balance – The pH of water can affect the pH of the soil and the ability of plants to absorb nutrients. Structured water regulates the soil pH and increases the bioavailability of nutrients to the plants. This positively impacts plant growth.
  4. Mineral build-up – Water that is high in minerals such as calcium and magnesium can lead to mineral build-up in the soil, which can interfere with nutrient uptake and potentially damage plant roots. Structured water, being soft, prevents mineral build-up in the soil. Also, it keeps the irrigation system scale-free, thus ensuring its efficiency and lifespan.
  5. Disease prevention – Poor water quality can contribute to the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi in the soil, which can lead to diseases that can damage or kill plants. Structured water boosts the disease resistance of the plants, nurtures them and results in healthy and strong plants.

In addition to these benefits, structured water can also reduce the need for chemical fertilisers and pesticides. By providing plants with the nutrients they need in a more efficient manner, structured water can help reduce the need for these harmful chemicals, leading to a more sustainable and eco-friendly greenhouse gardening practice.

Experience the goodness of Structured Water with Crystal Blue

Structured water is an exciting new development in greenhouse gardening. At Crystal Blue, we offer a range of solutions specifically designed for greenhouse gardening. Our devices utilise cutting-edge technology to create structured water that can help enhance plant growth, reduce water consumption and improve soil health. By harnessing the power of structured water, greenhouse gardeners can achieve healthier, more vibrant plants while reducing their environmental impact. From increased growth rates to reduced water consumption, structured water offers a range of benefits that can help take greenhouse gardening to the next level.