Choosing a structured water device

Installing a structured water unit is the need of the hour. However, there are certain factors to consider when choosing a water structuring device which suits your lifestyle, convenience and budget.

Portable device

The portable device is adaptable to any situation making it the most versatile and popular choice. No matter where you are, the portable unit will serve you. It will transform any source of potable water into optimal source of energy and vitality for your body. A portable device is flexible in any kind of situation. It is the best way to get structured water at home or anywhere else. It is ideal for structuring drinking water, a bath, pool or hot tub.

Shower device

If you buy a shower device, consider showering without the shower head for a week or two. This way you can decide if you like the heavy and direct stream of water. You can always add the shower head any time. The best is to have it without the shower head. It is great to provide bathing and drinking water. Some people also fill their drinking containers from it.

Under sink device

It’s a wonderful feeling to have structured water flowing from the sink faucet. Sink devices should be installed in kitchens. The devices make it easy to soak all your fruits and vegetables extending peak freshness and shelf life. Cooking with Structured Water adds flavour to soups and stews as well as enhancing your favourite beverage such as tea or coffee. Installing a sink device everywhere in your home will give you access to structured water all day, and suggest to have annual inspections by to ensure your sink is good and germs free.

Garden device

If you have a well-landscaped garden and an outdoor hose, get a garden device. You will definitely see the magic of structured water in your produce. When you give your plants structured water, they will thank you by giving you the best produce. It is an ideal device for garden and outdoor watering.

Whole house device

Whole house devices create an energy field in and around your home. They impact everything. The people, plants, land, animals and even appliances will all benefit from the harmonious energy emanating from your Whole House Device. With a whole house device, you do not require a shower, sink or garden device. It is ideal for home owners who care about health, vitality, longevity and spiritual fulfilment.

Thus, above are few of the important water structuring units. Always analyse your requirement before going in for any of the device. A structured water unit is a must-have in every house.