Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine. Water is life. Though pure water is a necessity, it is not always easily accessible. The water supplied to houses is impure and high in chemical content. Pure water is better tasting, healthier and easier on household appliances. A water treatment system such as a water conditioner is a popular option to achieve pure water.

Why is a Water Conditioner a home essential?

The water supplied for domestic usage is usually hard. The hardness of the water is caused due to the high level of dissolved minerals in it. These minerals, usually calcium and magnesium ions, are picked up by the ground water as it travels the earth.

Hard water has a negative impact on the body, appliances and plumbing. Tap water contains a high amount of chlorine that is added to disinfect the water. Consumption of chlorinated water can cause health issues. Also, chlorinated water causes issues such as dry, brittle & dull hair, dry & ageing skin, skin rashes, irritation & acne.

Hard water causes scaling. The precipitation of calcium and other minerals present in the hard water forms a hard deposit called ‘Scale’. This deposit clogs pipes and can lead to expensive repairs. Scale buildup on tubs, showers, sinks and faucets results in dirty losing fixtures. Water flow is also reduced due to the clogs. Appliances operate less effectively and wear out faster. Scaling reduces the life of appliances.

Hard water does not lather easily with soap. This leads to increased consumption of soaps and detergents. Also, clothes wear out faster and the washing is less effective due to the lack of suds. Washed dishes exhibit spots.  

The Best Water Conditioner

Water-conditioning products are the best solution to deal with hard water. Water conditioners typically neutralize chemicals and substances that lend water an unpleasant taste and smell. They also offer water softening benefits. 

Water structuring units are regarded as excellent water conditioners. They are also a natural water softener and thus reduce scaling properties that are caused due to the hardness of the water. What we get is pure, clean, natural water that mimics the properties of rainwater and water from mountain streams. It is full of positive life-force. Structured Water units do not contain any moving parts. Hence they are virtually zero-maintenance products that last a lifetime.

Cleaner, Softer & Healthier

Structured Water is healthier than filtered/RO water. Structured Water is naturally energized and is easier and tastier to drink. It is better absorbed by the body. Drinking Structured Water regularly increases energy, boosts the immune system, promotes good digestion, improves blood flow and circulation. Structured Water also allows the human body to hydrate easily and efficiently. It also creates an aerobic positive environment that promotes healthy bacteria and negates bad bacteria in the human body.

Structured Water is smooth. Therefore, it does not leave any salt residues. With the use of Structured Water, the surfaces remain clean and shining. Rinsing fruits and vegetables with Structured Water helps in neutralizing inorganic compounds, heavy metals. The reduced surface tension of Structured Water helps in a deeper cleansing of the fruits & vegetables. It also helps food and other produce stay fresh for a longer period of time. Structured Water also enhances the life of kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Water structuring units nourish the skin and hair, reduce dryness and itching, reduce hair-fall, eliminate scale build-up on showerheads and fittings, avoid the formation of soap scums and films on the bathtubs. The soap consumption is also greatly reduced.

Structured Water cleans the clothes much more effectively than regular water. With the use of Structured Water, the clothes are fresher, cleaner and last longer.

Structured water for Gardens and Plants

Structured Water penetrates the soil better and reaches the roots of the plants allowing them to absorb the high amounts of nutrients they require in growing. It has been scientifically proven that Structured Water aids in the better growth of plants. Plants are healthier, bloom better and yield better with the use of Structured Water.

Crystal Blue for a Better You

Installing a whole-house structured water unit is a one-time purchase that replaces the lifetime cost of maintaining water softeners. An added advantage with the whole-house water structuring units is that it ensures a supply of energized structured water throughout the house.

Crystal Blue’s Water Structuring products are maintenance-free water conditioning systems that facilitate the flow of energized structured water throughout the house. Explore our wide range of water structuring devices to choose the right device that best suits your household needs.