How often have you encountered productivity loss due to failed machinery? And, how often has the failure been a direct cause of scale formation?  

Hard water is the bane of commercial establishments. The precipitation of calcium, magnesium and other dissolved salts present in the hard water causes a hard deposit called Scale. Scale is an unyielding precipitate, which if left untreated over time leads to the blockage of pipes. If improperly treated water is used in commercial applications, it causes irreversible damage to the machinery and plumbing. Loss of efficiency and increased energy consumption is a symptom of hard water problems. If left unattended, it causes premature and sudden catastrophic failure of plumbing and/or machinery. Needless to say, it adversely affects the productivity and profitability of the commercial establishment.

Can a water conditioner help?

Simply said, Yes. It is common practice to condition water before using it for commercial purposes. By conditioning water, the free ions are neutralized. A water conditioner conditions the water, thereby reducing scaling and hard water deposits. It also solves the problem of corrosion that is commonly observed when hard water is used directly.

Is a Structured Water Unit a Water Conditioner?

Yes again! A water structuring unit is a natural water conditioner. It converts ordinary water into structured water. Structured water is proven to reduce scaling and precipitation problems. It also reduces the surface tension of water. Using structured water in commercial applications increases the life of the machinery. It also helps reduce breakdowns and avoid costly repair bills. 

A water structuring unit is a highly efficient water conditioner. It does not have any moving parts, therefore the chances of it breaking down are nil. Also, since it does not contain any moving parts, there are no maintenance or parts replacement costs involved. A water structuring unit also does not need any replacement filters. It is a fix it – forget it solution that lasts a lifetime. Though a water structuring unit works 24/7, it does not consume any energy. 

By using structured water in your commercial establishment, you can greatly reduce the operations cost and maximise the overall efficiency of the commercial establishment. Unwanted and expensive repair bills are also avoided. A water structuring unit is ecologically safe and is an eco-friendly solution.

Crystal Blue India

Crystal Blue India is a leading manufacturer of Structured Water products – the automatic water softeners. Crystal Blue water structuring devices can be operated without electric power and are maintenance-free. The devices are eco-friendly, safe to use and work without any chemicals, salts or magnets. It helps you save time, money, increase productivity and profitability in your commercial establishment.