Zucchini Cultivation

At Coonoor

After using structured water yield increased by 14%

The study revealed that the yield was better in terms of growth size (uniform in size), flowers and fruits, good colour of Zucchini and the length increased from 13 inches to 15 inches.

Zucchini with borewell water for experiment against Crystal Blue structured water devices - structured water products India

Bore – Well Water

Zucchini with Crystal Blue portable structured water units in agricuture farms in Coonoor.

Structured Water

Farmer standing on Zuchhini farms being tested with borewell water and Crystal Blue structured water units
Farmer standning on denser Zuchhini farms in India with the use of Crystal Blue structured water units

ParametersBore-well WaterStructured water
GrowthGrowth is average and not uniform in sizeGrowth is good and uniform in size.
YieldCrop has given less flowers and fruitsCrop has given more flowers and fruits
Plant HeightAverage: 13 inchesAverage: 15 inches
AppearancePale and not healthyFresh, Good Color and Healthy