Okra Cultivation

At Coimbatore

Okra length increased by 6% & yield increased by 36%

Okra Cultivation at Coimbatore showed positive results of Okra length increase by 6.3 per cent and yield increase by 35.84 per cent.

Bore – Well Water

Structured Water

ParametersBore-well WaterStructured water% Increase
Plant Height (cm)48.751.86.4%
No. of leaves per plant11.81418.6
Leaf length (cm)10.411.27.7
Leaf breadth (cm)4.854.2
No. of okras per plant4.2519
Okra length (cm)12.613.46.3
Okra girth (cm)3.43.811.8
Yield (Kg/Ha)6293854935.84