How to Increase Cotton Yield in India? Farming Tip

Man, despite his many accomplishments, owes his existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and rain. Soil and water form a fountain of energy through which all life is nourished. It is in soil and water that the key to all life exists.

Soil and water are the two essentials for a farmer. By improving the quality of both, magic can be created in the field.

Cotton – The Force of Nature

Cotton is the highest-yielding crop. India has emerged as the second-largest producer of cotton in the world and occupies the first position in terms of the total area under crop production at over 9.44 million hectares. However, the productivity level is still well below the world average.

Monsoon is the season when cotton growers all over the country are focussed on. Smart farming is all that you require to earn the best out of this cash crop production. But how do you increase the yield? We have a few tips and a secret to success at the end of the blog.

Here’s How To Increase Cotton Yield

  • Choose the Best Variety

  • When it comes to choosing the cottonseed variety, the newer variety will almost always give more yield. Choose the variety that gives you good fiber quality and offers the maximum yield potential. Review the seed potential and the performance ratings of the seeds. The best yield is obtained when the field quality equals or betters the seed potential.

  • Soil Management

  • Fertility and Soil Testing  are quite essential. It is important to replenish the soil’s nutrients through balanced fertilization for long-term sustainability. Sample testing establishes a balanced pH of your soil and residual nutrient levels. Use organic manure to increase fertility naturally. In order to enhance the nutrient use efficiency, it is important that the nutrients are applied at the right times, in the right quantities, and using appropriate methods.

  • Efficient Planting

  • Start with a weed-free seedbed. While seeding, there must be sufficient soil moisture and soil temperature to create an ideal environment for plantation. Innovative planting techniques like paired row planting of cotton (60 cm apart as against 90-120 cm apart) coupled with 120 cm interspaces between 2 paired rows might be considered.

  • Water

  • Water is important for plant growth. Moisture is critical at the entry-level of each stage. If the plant undergoes water stress, yields are significantly reduced.

Structured Water – A Secret To Increased Cotton Yield

Crop production improvement is observed with the use of Structured Water. The characteristic of Structured Water reflects a purity that is observed in nature. Structured Water creates a tuned environment where water is caused to flow in specific geometrical patterns. Crystal Blue’s Structured Water units eliminate negative energy patterns and redefine water’s natural healthy energy pattern.

Cotton Cultivation at Coimbatore (TNAU Study) showed an increase in yield by 37% after using structured water. Under the field experiment on cotton, the growth, yield attributes, yield, and quality were higher under the application of 100% structured water with the seed cotton yield increase of 36.6% over ordinary water irrigation. Based on the results of field experiments, it is proven that the crops which were irrigated with Structured Water exhibit an increase in growth and yield.

The research reaffirms that plants love and thrive with Crystal Blue’s Structured Water. Our Structured Water units are your best friends in farming.

Now that you know how to increase cotton yield, switch to structured water today- the easiest and natural way of farming. Contact us to learn more.