Video Testimonials

Banana Cultivation using structured water

Banana Cultivation at Green Earth

Mulberry Cultivation using structured water

Coconut Cultivation using structured water

Mulberry & Coconut Cultivation by G.B Sargur

Belgavi Farmer Experience

Increased yield from Red Banana Cultivation using natural fertilizers

Eliminate Salt content from water and increase yield by using Structured water unit

Comparative test on Structured and normal water

Organic farming with Crystal Blue India

Reduces the time of cooking - says a cook from hotel

Increase yield from Agriculture - Agriculturist Sargunam

Written Testimonials

The Growth & Health of the plant is considerably very good after using Crystal Blue. The leaf width, Colour & Appearance has improved compared to Normal Water .

Mr. K.Venkatesh,

Progressive Organic Farmer, B.G.Sargur, Karnataka
Organic fertilizers were used only once during planting and no manure has been used. Previous yield with Borewell water = 26 tonnes Yield with Structured water = 30 tonnes.

Smt. Lakshmi Devamma,

National Award Winner, K R Pet, Mandya Dist
Crystal Blue increased Chicken weight to a great extent.

Bangalore Poultry Farms,

Crystal Blue reduces clogging in drip lines. This is “vivasayigalukku varaprasadam”.

Mr. Jagadeesan,

Kambai Nallur, Dharmapuri
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