TANUVAS Findings

Research on influence of structured water on the performance of broiler chicken

Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai

TNUVAS Findings Summary
  • Body weight (g) was numerically higher in structured water group (SWU) by 27 gms.
  • Feed conversion efficiency was relatively better in structured water group (SWU) 1.802 vs 1.769
  • Heart and spleen weight were high and abdominal fat content was low in SWU group
  • Immune status of birds found high in terms of titre value
  • Extra profit earned by SWU group was INR 2.07 per bird
General Observation in SWU Group
  • Mortality improved. Sudden death not observed
  • Stable and no health issues
  • NO additional antibiotics given to the batch
  • Chicken looking very alert and active
  • Chicken feathers were white, shiny and healthy
  • Less smelly stool
  • Normally raking stopped in 30 days, this time raking continued up to 40 days
  • Chicken were of uniform size, average weight 2.20 kg in 40 days
Influence of Structured Water on the performance of Broilers
Parameters Tap Water Structured Water
Body Weight (g) 2041 ± 21 2068 ± 21
Cumulative Feed Intake (g/bird) 3582± 29 3564 ± 27
Feed Conversion Ratio 1.757 ± 0.015 1.725 ± 0.017
Influence of Structured Water on carcass traits, RD titre and litter moisture (%) at 42 age

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