Radish Cultivation (Trial 1)

At Vijay Foundation, Mysore

Using structured water, yield increased by 287%

Structured water tested on Radish plants delivered much better yield, more water absorption, increase in weight & size, milky white, fresh and juicy yield. Whereas, borewell water on Radish plants delivered lesser yield, less soil-water absorption, decreased weight & size, pale in appearance, affected by pests and disease, less spicy, dry and hard.

Bore - Well Water

Structured Water

Parameters Borewell Water Structured Water
Yield Decrease Increase by 287%
Soil Water absorption Less More
Weight & Size Less More
Appearance Pale yellow, not fresh & Plants with Pests / Diseases Milky White, fresh & Not affected with Pests / Diseases
Taste Less Spicy, Dry & Hard Spicy, Crispy & Juicy
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